Tax Times

The Tax Times is the newsletter of the BCTA.

It is mailed to the membership bi-monthly.

The Tax Times will be posted to this page in .PDF format shortly after it's published.

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Reform Reflux.

Perspectives/ Village of Hobart.

Auto Insurance Rates Rise.

Stimulus Funds Mostly Used

to Protect Government Jobs.

Celebrating BCTA Silver Anniversary.

School Budgets/G B School Dist

National Debt Update.

Things That Make Us Wonder.

Taxing Times.

Jobs NOW Introde in The Assembly.

National Debt Update.

New phone Tax Started September 1.

State Budget Problems Impact

Schools and Taxpayers.

Garbage Tax Should Be Hauled To The Curb.

September Meeting Notes.

What The Town Hall Meetings Revealed.

It?s You and I Paying for free lunch.

Things That Make Us Wonder.