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The Tax Times is the newsletter of the BCTA.

It is mailed to the membership bi-monthly.

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School District Continues to ignore BCTA concerns. Classroom Economics.

School Districts Get "Creative", ignore law’s intent.

Could Green Bay Schools Save Money?

I Recall When.

Occupy Green Bay R.I.P.

What We Can Learn from the Economic Crisis in Greece.

October Meeting Notes.

Legislature Starts Fall Session.

Wisconsin Still in the Top 10.

National Debt Update,

Attention Readers of the TAX TIMES.

Tax Hikes Would Provide Insignificant Revenue.

The Bonding Trap

Things That Make Us Wonder.

Gimmee an Obama Job.

Is There Another Way to Choose Supreme Court Justices.

Assembly Continues Work on Job Creation Agenda.

September Meeting Notes.

Access to Wisconsin’s Checkbook.

National Debt Update.

Things That Make Us Wonder.

And More.

Cut, Cap and Simplify.

July Meeting Notes.

Wisconsin Taxpayers Overcharged.

I’m From The Government and I’m Here To Help.

National Debt Update.

August Meeting Notes.

Rules Are Rules, but They’re Laws Also.

Let’s get this straight.

Things That Make Us Wonder.

A New Era Begins.

Budgeting for Future Generations.

National Debt Update.

Answers From Rep. Ribble.

50 State Comparisons.

May and June Meeting Notes.

Doing Nothing No Longer a Medicare Option.

As Promised: Truth in Budgeting.

Things That Make Us Wonder.

Can you hear me now?

Protecting Senior Care.

Strange but true provisions of collective bargaining.

The Donkey Wrench.

National Debt Update.

April Meeting Notes.

Things That Make Us Wonder

Quakes, nukes, and collective bargaining.

In Defense of Gov. Walker and Wisconsin Taxpayers.

National Debt Update.

Gilbert and Sullivan Discover Mad Town.

School Superintendent Addresses BCTA.

A Curriculum for AB 172.

Do Elections Matter?

Congressman Ribble Introduces Small Business Act.

State Tax Collections Up.

Fair Taxation Meeting Scheduled.

BCTA Holds County Executive Candidate Forum.

State Budget Heads into Next Phrase of Process. Things That Make Us Wonder.

Branded. Truth in Taxation.

Can Credit Cards Save Taxpayers Money?

National Debt Update.

January Meeting Notes.

Wisconsin Debt and Segregated Funds.

Consumer Choice Auto Insurance Act Introduced.

Thank you, Jo Egelhoff.

Top 10 Ways Government Kills Jobs in America.

Things That Make Us Wonder.

Message to the Legislators.

Holiday Gifts Lawmakers Could Give Us.

Who’s Problem is This?

December Meeting Notes.

Senator Kohl and Social Security.

Efficient Government Agencies.

Time to Stop The Expansion of 4-Year Old Kindergarten.

National Debt Update.

Things That Make Us Wonder.

The Badger State Dream Team.

Common Sense.

As Election Euphoria Fades, Reality Sets In.

November Meeting Notes.

Now it's Time to Get to Work.

Committee Help Needed.

National Debt Update.

1500 Years and Climbing.

Things That Make Us Wonder.

Does it profit me or thee?

VBCTA Comments on Brown County Budget.

Annual Election of BCTA Officers.

BCTA Comments on proposed Green Bay Schools Budget.

Next Years Green Bay Area Schools Budget.

Directors Amend BCTA Bylaws.

Should Social Security Benefits Be Reduced?

The Houdini Effect.


National Debt Update.

Things That Make Us Wonder.

“NO taxation without representation.”

Do Non-Fiscal Policy Items Belong in The State Budget?

Why Should We Consider Replacing Our Income Tax System With the FairTax?

August Meeting Notes.

National Debt Update.

Things That Make Us Wonder.