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The Tax Times is the newsletter of the BCTA.

It is mailed to the membership bi-monthly.

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Does a Tax Cut Improve the Odds?

How to catch wild pigs.

February Meeting Notes.

It's Time to Fix Fund 80 Loophole.

School Vouchers---Good or Bad for Green Bay?

ObamaCare and Baby Elephants.

Things That Make Us Wonder.

   The Alternative.


National Debt Update.

January Meeting Notes.

Things That Make Us Wonder.

Obamacare—the taxes begin.

Just give us the facts.

National Debt Update.

Venture Capital,

Will We Ever Have A Tax Code

That’s Fair To All?

Things That Make Us Wonder

Inside This Issue

The Life of Fiscal Cliff Dwellers.

Wisconsin and Obamacare.

Groups encourage Gov. Walker to “Pass” on

State-Created Mandates.

Letter to Secretary Sebalius.

National Debt Update.

November Meeting Notes.

Letter to Mayor Schmitt.

Comparing Automobiles with Paper Clips.

Things That Make Us Wonder.

And more.

Blindly Holding Hands into the Dark of Night.

Dear President Oboma and Members of Congress.

WISTAX “Brief’s.”

July Meeting Notes.

National Debt Update.

Where is Social Security Going? August Meeting Notes.

Things That Make Us Wonder.

County Sales Tax Press Release.

County Board Candidate Pledges.

Mining and Wisconsin.

February Meeting Notes.

Rep. Ribble’s Statement on Federal Budget. National Debt Update.

Of the Special Interests, By the Lobbyists, But For the People.

Things That Make Us Wonder.

BCTA Action Saves Taxpayers $5 Million

Project Development and Purchasing Characterized by Secrecy.

Competition Lacking.

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied: Will we EVER get justice?

Wisconsin School Taxes Drop First Time Since 2006.

December Meeting Notes.

Test your knowledge of Government and History

National Debt Update.

They’ve Been Good.

Remembering John Gower.

I’m from the Government and I’m here to help you.

Things That Make Us Wonder.

Where Saving Doesn’t Save.

Collective Bargaining and Sick Leave.

November Meeting Notes.

National Debt Update.

It’s Working.

Things That Make Us Wonder.

School District Continues to ignore BCTA concerns. Classroom Economics.

School Districts Get "Creative", ignore law’s intent.

Could Green Bay Schools Save Money?

I Recall When.

Occupy Green Bay R.I.P.

What We Can Learn from the Economic Crisis in Greece.

October Meeting Notes.

Legislature Starts Fall Session.

Wisconsin Still in the Top 10.

National Debt Update,

Attention Readers of the TAX TIMES.

Tax Hikes Would Provide Insignificant Revenue.

The Bonding Trap

Things That Make Us Wonder.

Gimmee an Obama Job.

Is There Another Way to Choose Supreme Court Justices.

Assembly Continues Work on Job Creation Agenda.

September Meeting Notes.

Access to Wisconsin’s Checkbook.

National Debt Update.

Things That Make Us Wonder.

And More.

Cut, Cap and Simplify.

July Meeting Notes.

Wisconsin Taxpayers Overcharged.

I’m From The Government and I’m Here To Help.

National Debt Update.

August Meeting Notes.

Rules Are Rules, but They’re Laws Also.

Let’s get this straight.

Things That Make Us Wonder.

A New Era Begins.

Budgeting for Future Generations.

National Debt Update.

Answers From Rep. Ribble.

50 State Comparisons.

May and June Meeting Notes.

Doing Nothing No Longer a Medicare Option.

As Promised: Truth in Budgeting.

Things That Make Us Wonder.