BCTA to appeal Tax ruling

Brown County Taxpayers Association to appeal sales tax ruling by County Circuit Court

The Brown County Taxpayers Association (BCTA) today announced that it is appealing a recent ruling by Circuit Court Judge John Zakowski. BCTA contends Brown County’s action to impose a half-percent sales tax is not legal. Zakowski ruled in favor of the County.

Brown County State Legislators

Brown County State Legislators 2021-2022

Senate Districts - to email use: Sen.(last name)@legis.wi.gov

1-Sen. André Jacque 2-Sen. Robert Cowles 30-Sen. Eric Wimberger

Assembly Districts - to email use: Rep.(last name)@legis.wi.gov)

1-Rep. Joel Kitchens 2-Rep. Shae A. Sortwell 4-Rep. David Steffen 5-Rep. Jim Steineke (Majority Leader) 6-Rep. Gary Tauchen 88-Rep. John Macco 89-OPEN-April 6th 90-Rep. Kristina Shelton


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